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Security Guard Basic Training
The training curriculum offered by featured agencies is based on the Ontario guidelines and provides a comprehensive program that prepares employees to create safe, secure environments while effectively serving employers, clients and the public. This course includes an Introduction to the Security Industry, and covers The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Ministry Code of Conduct, Basic Security Procedures, Report Writing, Health and Safety, Emergency Response Preparation, Canadian Legal Aspects, Legal Authorities, Effective Communication, Sensitivity Training, Use of Force Theory and Emergency Level First Aid.
Students login to the online classroom where they access the training program. The program utilization varies between organizations, but one thing remains consistent: a comprehensive training approach that is easy to use for the student and effectively teaches the curriculum.

In the online classroom students can access online lessons and diagnostics, meet with their instructor using live video conferencing and connect with their peers to form study groups and discuss what they are learning. Remote students can login and join classes taking place on campus.

All helpdesk support is provided so students can get their technology questions answered easily by friendly, helpful support representatives.

“I would rate this training as great because it provides a lot of necessary information for a career in the security industry. The amount of repetition in the course helps to encourage the memorization of certain details needed. I would recommend this training... It is very helpful in understanding the duties and responsibilities a security guard has.”

Michael, Training Feedback Survey

"I rate this training highly because it is well designed, and you have to learn the material to successfully pass the training. I have already recommended this training - it's a good education, brilliant."

William, Security Guard, Training Feedback Survey

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Security Guard Basic Training Bill 159
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